November 9th-13th, 2022

Dear Colleagues & Friends,
You are cordially invited to our 8th International Conference on Dance Research to be held in Broward Florida, USA, November 9th – 13th, 2022. Venue: VK Dance Arena, Goldcoast Ballroom and Rose & Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center!

The theme to this year’s Congress is “Origin of Dance”. This unique event showcases all forms of dance: ballet, modern, folklore, ballroom, oriental, therapeutic, argentine Tango, Konpa, recreational, Salsa, contemporary, Bollywood, Hip-hop, Aerial Gymnastic revival and much more.

The congress is organized by the Hallandale Section of the International Dance Council “CID”, in collaboration with the Executive Secretariat of the CID. It is placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the National UNESCO Commission, as well as the Municipality of City Council.

We are looking forward toward your participation in supporting the International Art of Dance worldwide to benefit (Ballroom, Latin Social & Cultural Dance Educational Pilot Program for High School & College Students in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County)

Hotel Accommodation

                                            Hampton Inn Hallandale Beach Aventura

                              1000 South Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009-7127

Your Participation & Support Confirmation by October 1st, 2022
Registration/Participation’s donation $100/pp
Membership to CID $80/year
Saturday Film Projection & Live Performance
Call Francois +1- 954-708-5099

Or Email us: hallandalesectioncid@gmail.com

Visit us: http//: www.cidhallandale.org
We are looking forward to your participation and support!
Hallandale Section of CID UNESCO Inc is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization

Registration Fee: $100/pp

Call Francois +1- 954-708-5099

Or Email us: hallandalesectioncid@gmail.com

 Visit us: www.cidhallandale.org

 We are looking forward to your participation and support!  

Hallandale Section of CID UNESCO Inc is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization

The International Dance Council CID is the official organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.-  Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in more than 176 countries.-  CID was founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based.  UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Congress Venues & Program Page


Distance Conferees

Live classes and performances will take place only if restrictions for the pandemic allow it.
Alternatively, they will be presented on video as lecture-demonstrations with your comments.
Please prepare for this eventuality. Total time allowed is 20 minutes (including time for questions by other conferees).

Conferees will receive a phone call to prepare for a sessions at Zoom.us
There will be several rehearsals to prepare for the final sessions during the World Congress.

Visit regularly the World Congress website, announcements will be posted there.

See you soon

The Congress Team



Congress registration procedure

  1. Send by email your professional profile. You will receive a reply within 24 hours
  1. Send membership fee plus congress registration.
  1. You receive a certificate confirming that you are a Member of the CID having fully registered as congress participant. With this certificate you can contact sponsors and apply for Entry visa to the USA.

CID Membership fee

Individuals:                                       80 US dollars

Institutions (schools, organizations etc.):   160 US dollars

Youth (under 25 years of age):         45 US dollars

Associate members:                        375 US dollars

Congress registrationFee

Congress registration:                     100 US dollars

Congress registration youth:          45 US dollars

How to send your Registration fee

1-PREFERABLY through: www.paypal.com 

Send to:  Hallandalesectioncid@gmail.com    Select:  Send to friends

  1. Through Western Union to: (Michel Francois JACQUES)
  2. If you are a resident of the Eurozone ask us for alternative ways of payment.

 Contents of parcel sent

–  Confirmation of membership letter

–  Confirmation of membership parchment for framing

–  Confirmation of congress registration

–  Receipt of payment

  1. How to send CID membership fee
  1. PREFERABLY through: www.paypal.com 

Send to:    ExecSec@CID-world.org    Select:  Send to friends

  1. Through Western Union (ask us before)
  2. If you are a resident of the Eurozone ask us for alternative ways of payment.

 Contents of parcel sent

–  Confirmation of membership letter

–  Confirmation of membership parchment for framing

–  Confirmation of congress registration

–  Receipt of payment

–  Member’s lapel pin, to wear at all times.

–  Stickers for school entrance and car windshield

–  Posters for wall decoration

–  Various presents

Confirm your present postal address – the envelope will be sent there


Guidelines For Presentations

Contributing a presentation to the Congress is optional – most participants do not submit a presentation.

A presentation is one of the following:

–  Lecture-demonstration (presentation of a subject using Powerpoint or video projection)

–  Research report (unpublished results of a research project with scientific methodology)

–  Class (demonstration of a teaching technique, a choreography or particular dances)

–  Performance (performance on stage)

–  Exhibition  (display and/or sale of material)

–  Video projection  (simply showing a video with one’s work)


    For each presentation a separate file must be submitted prior to the congress, to be included in the proceedings. This text can be accompanied by pictures, music or video samples.

Time allowed  Lecture: 20 minutes (including questions by the audience); Classes 30 minutes; Performances 5 to 10 minutes on stage.

Publication   Full proceedings will be published at the Congress website viewed by many thousands of visitors.

Languages   Working languages are English and the language of the hosting country; other languages can be used, without simultaneous translation.

Texts   6,000 words maximum for each presentation.

Format   Send your text by email as .doc  or .ppt  format. Send also a printed copy or a DVD if you wish. Have your text corrected by a person very competent in the language used, in order to ensure it is absolutely ready for publication. Formats: see table below.

Deadline   Send a description of your presentation (full text, eventually accompanied by pictures, video and/or music) at least one month before the opening day in order to be included in the program and the proceedings DVD.

Structure of texts   Divide your text into sections, each with a numbered heading. Start with your name, the title of the presentation, an outline, then the sections of your development of the theme. Include a short presentation of the author (profile, CV) in the text.

Content of research reports   A research report (or research paper) contains unpublished results of an original research project. It can describe objectively the situation of dance in a country or a region. It can cover a particular form of dance (ballet, folk, ballroom etc.) or a sector (education, performance, scholarship etc.) at national or regional level. It is a concise and informative document giving an overall picture. The focus is on giving facts, figures or estimates, tendencies and needs. It is addressed to professionals rather than the general reader.

Content of other texts   Texts accompanying a lecture, a class, a performance or an exhibition are brief or detailed descriptions. Send a separate text for each presentation, following the guidelines above.

Networking   Bring a number of printed copies of your text, and sufficient brochures or other printed material to distribute (you will need many visiting cards too).

Total volume  of all presentations by a participant (text + sound + images + video + CV) should not exceed 100 Mb


Please write your full name in the subject line of your message

and eventually your CID Membership number

to distinguish from spam and ensure faster processing

Visa Requirements
For CID Members Attending Events Abroad

1. Check if you do need a visa – ask a travel agent or the consulate.

2. Check if you can have a flight directly to the event venue, or if you have to pass from another country.

3. Contact the consulate of the country hosting the event. Requirements vary according to country.

4. Apply as early as possible. Some consulates need one month to process applications.

5. Usually a visa application is accompanied by:
a) Certificate of registration at the event.
b) Return flight ticket
c) Hotel accommodation for the duration of the event. Ask the travel agent or the hotel to send you confirmation of booking.
d) Proof that you have enough money on you for accommodation, meals and daily expenses.

Letters of invitation are usually rejected by consulates.
If you apply without the required documents your passport might be stamped “visa refused”.

For large delegations or dance ensembles, the CID Section can call the consulate on the phone to support their application, if necessary.

Every year, Members from dozens of countries receive a visa to attend events endorsed by CID, because CID is the official organization of dance recognized by governments, partner of UNESCO.